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Walentynowicz Kasia
Title: Illustration for Erna Rosenstein’s fairy tale "The Moon", created for the book "The Shadow Hunter"
Technique: fineliner on paper
Dimensions: 21 cm x 29.7 cm
Auction number: 75
Signature: stamp of a sleeping cat and inscription rys. Kasia Walentynowicz; handwritten: 2019 Kasia Walentynowicz
Place of signature: on the back
Curatorial description:

With this work, Katarzyna Walentynowicz carries us in her characteristic fashion into a cosmic world where the Moon is a mysterious figure dressed in robes woven from stardust. It floats in space, smiling kindly at us from a fairy-tale universe. The artist is known for attention to detail in her drawing, while maintaining freedom of composition and engaging viewers with surprising interpretations of themes.

This work is an original illustration for Erna Rosenstein’s book “The Shadow Hunter”, which won the grand prize in the 63rd edition of the PTWK competition for Most Beautiful Polish Books 2022 in the category of books for children and young people. The jury recognized the outstanding illustrations by Walentynowicz, which combined with the classic typography to create a beautiful and special book.

Magdalena Frankowska

The Shadow Hunter” (Wolno and Foksal Gallery Foundation, 2022)

Starting price: 500 PLN
Auction edition: 2023